Your System from Concept to Reality.

Electronic Development​.

Our range of services includes the development of analog, digital and microcontroller circuit technology. Already during the circuit design, the components are selected taking into account price and availability. The layout creation is 3D optimized and therefore has the advantage of being able to use the created 3D model directly for the 3D construction. EMC, thermal behavior and complete documentation for unambiguous reproducibility are other important aspects to consider.


  • Altium Designer
  • Mixed signal oscilloscope, 500MHz, 4CH
  • Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz to 3GHz
  • Network simulation, isolation transformer
  • Network and Measuring Devices (LCR)

Software Development.

In software development, we like to work according to the approach of agile software development. This iterative approach allows us to quickly present possible approaches. In addition to firmware creation, logic, test and driver programming, we also design graphical user interfaces and apps for mobile devices and are familiar with embedded operating systems.

Programming languages:
Assembler, C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, PHP, CSS


  • MySQL - for relational DB
  • MongoDB - for NoSQL DB
  • JavaScript/TypeScript - both for frontend and backend
  • React - for frontend applications
  • NodeJS - for backend applications
  • Redis - for the status cache
  • WebGL - for visualizations
  • mbedOS - for working with HW ARM microcontrollers
  • Microcontrollers primarily from STM and NXP

Testing and Certification.

We are happy to accompany standard-compliant tests in appropriately specialized laboratories:

  • Standard compliant type test
  • Execution of external approvals (TÜV, CE, ...)
  • Environmental Assessment

We design and build your system, from concept to reality.

We help you with your proof of concept, prototype and industrialization. From design to the final assembly.

Whatever your next big project is, get in touch with us.

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