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YAN TEQ Engineering is an unit of the SYM TEQ GmbH

Retrofit for Infrastructure​.

Your systems, ticket machines, lights, etc. function perfectly mechanically, but are no longer technically compatible with new applications and requirements? A retrofit upgrade often makes sense and saves resources: whether it is new RFID readers that are to be integrated into your systems, ticket machines that have to be brought up to a new computer platform or lights that have to be converted to LED technology - we help with this technological upgrade of existing infrastructure, including mechanical integration and incorporation into existing systems.

We help you with your proof of concept, prototype and industrialization. We can help you from design to the final assembly.

Assemblies and materials.

Our detailed knowledge of the most diverse assemblies and materials ensures the right symbiosis of all materials and components. Therefore, we can develop and manufacture products for any application. Our know-how comes from one company and is carried out hand in hand from the concept to the production.

Embedded System Integration​.

The handling of embedded components such as LCD / TFT displays, embedded computer boards, touchscreen solutions and power supplies is very well known to us. The qualification of the appropriate components according to the respective requirements takes place under all necessary aspects (EMC, thermal management, cabling, operating systems, etc.). We offer a coordinated selection of components in the areas of display, touchscreen and embedded technologies.

Electronic and Software Development​.

Our range of services includes the development of analog, digital and microcontroller circuit technology. In addition to firmware creation, logic, test and driver programming, we also design graphical user interfaces and apps for mobile devices and are familiar with embedded operating systems. We care about the successful combination of look, feel and quality of hardware, ergonomics and simplicity of software.

Lighting technology.

Since the beginning of our existence, we have specialized in the development and production of LED luminaires and modules. We provide efficient LED driver, highly efficient thermal management, selection of the right operating devices and more for a sophisticated lighting solution.

We design and build your system, from concept to reality.

Whatever your next big project is, get in touch with us.

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